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Friday, July 15, 2016

Home Via Tioga Pass

Above, Tenaya Laka in Yosemite National Park. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The trek up to places I've never been to in the Owens Valley of California is over. I got home about an hour ago. It wasn't an easy task getting home as there was an accident on southbound Interstate 5 in Castaic that snarled traffic for miles (practically to Gorman).

Above, a windshield view of Tuolumne Meadows. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

There was a sign a mile north of the Templin Highway exit that said traffic was jammed for three miles and it would take 70 minutes to get through from that point. That was enough for me!

Above, Ellerly Lake. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

So, I exited at Templin Highway and took the Ridge Route south to get around the accident scent. I have never been on the Ridge Route before and it is a rough road, especially if one is driving a motorhome as I was.

But, The Beast took to the road just fine and I made it home.

I took Highway 120 (Tioga Pass) though Yosemite National Park after I left Mammoth Lakes. I had to go north for about 30 miles before I reached Highway 120. It was a nice road (a bit long and windy) and I had never been in the Tioga Pass area of Yosemite before. There were meadows and lakes along the way. I saw some wildlife as well. I saw several deer grazing along the road and one unfortunate bear cub that was killed by a car. The body was in the middle of the westbound lane. Luckily, I saw it with just enough time to go around it. Other drivers weren't so lucky as they had to stop as eastbound traffic didn't allow them to go around.

This is my second visit to Yosemite National Park this year, although this one was a drive-through,

The main thing is that I had a great time and Sierra and I made it back!

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