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Friday, July 29, 2016

It's Drying

Above, artist Anastasia Lipovetskaya.

After taking The Beast to the coin-operated car wash today and settled back over a cup of coffee, I received the following from artist Asya Lipovetskaya:
Hi Armand, how is it going? I checked the painting in the morning and didn't want to add anything, so now it s just  drying up a bit.

I'll check it later today and hopefully it'll be ready to be unveiled tomorrow ^^
I haven't seen it yet, but she said yesterday that I'll like how my face came out.

I am considering throwing a little party (maybe at The Odyssey Restaurant) for an unveiling for friends and associates. Also, I may have Asya invite some art gallery people (or some biggity-wigs in the L.A. art scene) to attend so she can possibly do some networking. 

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