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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kick-back Time In Ventura

Above, The Beast at camp. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

A couple of nights were spent at the Ventura Beach RV Resort with my former roomie, Jes. I got home a little while ago and finished unpacking. We had a great time.

She needed some relaxation time (and to give her dad a break), so she came along and enjoyed it.

We also had our pets with us. She brought her dog Lola with her and I bought along my cat Sierra. The two of them got along just fine. No problems at all!

Above, Lola and Sierra. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The weather was nice and the park was not too crowded. We just cooked, relaxed and watched season six of The Big Bang Theory on DVD. She had never seen those episodes before (she bought me the set a couple of months ago).

I did hear from my ex-fiancee two nights ago. She sent a text and asked for my address (which is strange, since she already had it). Perhaps to finally send the rings? The text message she sent was a trifle incoherent, so it is hard to say. But she did ask, "please stop contacting me via txt or email."

Well, since I broke off contact with her in June, the only thing I sent her was an email with my demand letter, which is what the courts require plaintiffs to do before initiating lawsuits. When I sent my address to her, I reminded her of this (just in case she plans to pull some B.S.). I have no plans for any further contact with her.

I am about to meet with an attorney and any communication to her in the future will be done by him anyway.

Speaking of her, I saw a video a friend sent last night about narcissists. Here, Coach Corey Wayne described her to a "T". She did/does everything that's described in the video (but not saying she is one). After watching it, I sent it to a friend and she said, "It is scary how accurate that is!" If you suspect that you are dating a narcissist, this is a good video to learn what to watch out for.

Despite all that, I had a great time during the past three days!


UPDATE (1/12/17):

Just as I suspected last July, I was being set up by my ex. She accused me of "stalking her" and filed for a temporary restraining order. We appeared in court in August and she dropped the action as my attorney and I had documents proving that she and her "flying monkeys" were stalking me and causing problems while I was trying to avoid her. There is some "residue" from that I am still dealing with. When it became apparent that I was being set up, that's when I decided to fight back and ratcheted up the rhetoric on this blog.

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