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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Respond To Those Class-Action Lawsuit Notices!

Sometimes when you're least expecting it, you may end up with an unexpected monetary windfall.

Such was the case yesterday when I retrieved my mail. There were several envelopes, each looking like "junk mail". One of them wasn't!

I opened the one envelope and, lo and behold, was a check for over $750! It was settlement money for a class-action lawsuit against a former employer for money owed for overtime, bonuses and meal breaks. I had completely forgotten about it.

When you get a notice from a law office in regards to any class-action lawsuit, by all means RESPOND! You may (or may not) be entitled to part of any settlement that may occur. But you'll never know unless you respond.

I've received settlement money from other class-action lawsuits over the years. Some pretty substantial, some not so. But, as I always say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

Keep in mind, you'll likely still have to pay income taxes on your settlement money.

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