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Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Things I Say Sometimes

Above, the ring can be seen at left at the Superman Plaque dedication in 2014. Photo by Steven Kirk.

The other night, I was hanging with a lady friend and things got a little "hot and heavy".

At one point, I had to stop to straighten my horseshoe ring. Since I lost weight recently, due to the turmoil that happened with Denise, my ring has gotten a little loose on my finger. I am now down to around 200 pounds, which was my weight right after I graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 1979. At least that's one good thing I can credit those rough times.

She asked me if something were wrong. I said, "No, I had to turn my ring around. That hot kiss made it spin!"

She jumped, laughed and exclaimed, "Wow! You just made me blush!" That lasted for a several minutes. It apparently was an intense blush as it took her a bit to regain her composure and "get back to business". That was definitely a good blush.

That was funny!

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