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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tokyo Pop Culture Events This Summer

Above, one pop cultural event will be held at Tokyo City View at Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

If one is planning on visiting Japan and is also a fan of Japanese pop-culture, then this summer is the time to go. There are several pop-culture events that are going to be held in Tokyo this summer. One or more may be of interest.

According to Tokyo Cheapo:
Summer is quite the eventful season in Japan. It’s a season of festivals, and we don’t just mean traditional ones with fireworks and Bon dances. If you like pop culture (be it anime, manga, games, cosplay, J-pop, or even Western fandoms), have we got good news for you! This summer is shaping up to have a number of events for pop culture enthusiasts, and here are some of them. Note that we’ve limited the events to those in and near Tokyo, so we didn’t list the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya.
To see what they are, go here

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