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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Whatever You Do, Document Everything

As a retired claims adjuster, I've pretty much seen it all.

I have seen many instances of insurance fraud and have obtained convictions against the perpetrators. The main reason why I have obtained those convictions (and have received cash bonuses for them from grateful employers) was because I thoroughly documented my files. While many plaintiffs are stupid, it is also surprising to see almost as many stupid and dishonest attorneys who try to game the legal system.

I could easily spot false statements because I was armed with the "ammunition" to shoot them all down in my claims files. They ran the gamut from phony police reports to court filings.

I have also seen false accusations made in court filing documents. The most stupid thing someone can do is to make false statements or accusations when the "other side" has the documented proof that those statements are false. I have recently read one by a person who filed a Petition filled with fabrications. (I enjoy reading court cases such as these that are posted online or published by lawyer associations. We used to get them regularly at the insurance companies I worked at.) Many of the fabrications were so ridiculous that they were laughable. One has to wonder, "Why do they even bother?" The motivation by the petitioner was likely vindictive retaliation over a complaint.

The respondent, luckily for him, had the proof that those false statements made by the petitioner to successfully refute them in court.

It really doesn't pay to take legal action unless "one has all his ducks in a row" and are true. It could also lead to perjury charges in many instances. That is why I am so opposed to frivolous lawsuits. They are one of the reasons why the courts are over-burdened with an enormous backlog of pending cases. Many of them are just bogus. It is a waste of time and resources to have to shoot them down.

As such, it has always been my policy to press for prosecution for fraud.

I have never lost a Small Claims lawsuit, personally or professionally, because I documented everything. I even beat the Southern California Edison Company for property damages caused by a power surge from their equipment. The jaws of the representatives for Edison practically hit the floor when the judge ruled in my favor as they were in such shock.

So, keep all this in mind. It just may save you a mess of trouble.

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