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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Wi-Fi Is Exploding In Tokyo

Above, a view of Tokyo from Tokyo City View. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Thanks to the influx of foreign visitors and the 2020 Olympic Games, Wi-Fi is exploding all over Tokyo.

The Japan Times reported:
Wanna surf the web for free in Tokyo? It’s finally time to catch the wave. Along with an influx of foreign tourists, Japan is seeing an explosion in wireless internet spots. 
These days, it seems you can’t walk 100 meters in without seeing a “free Wi-Fi” sign of some sort in central Tokyo. Visitors and Tokyoites alike have thousands of access points to choose from, emanating via everything from vending machines to bullet trains. Users no longer have to rely on the generosity of hotels or internet cafes. Wi-Fi is now a top-down affair: some of the largest municipal and commercial groups in Japan are working together to make Wi-Fi an essential piece of infrastructure.
I used to have to rely upon the hotels I was staying in or at Starbucks or Tully's coffee shops for Wi-Fi access while in Tokyo.

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