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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Nappy" & "Chunks" Get Their Clocks Cleaned

Above, celebrating victory at the Odyssey Restaurant.

Robert McArthur: See? Told ya ... "There is no substitute for victory."

Jackie "Nappy" Scott and her narcissist friend Denise "Chunks" Santos tried to defeat me in Small Claims Court today in Van Nuys, but their lying testimonies were about as convincing as the special effects of The Giant Claw.

Fortunately, as I anticipated that my ex would show up as a "witness", I was ready with the text message transcript from last February that exposed her lies.

Scott claimed she never received my text messages of May and June with my request for payment of her costs of the Hawaii trip and claimed that she was told by "Chunks" that all she had to pay for was her airfare (and her "star witness" also tried to back her up, but she knows better) and that "Chunks's" mother would cover the rest. Totally bogus! She claimed that she never knew she was obligated otherwise. The first I heard of this tale was when we exchanged evidence in the hallway. Later, she even tried to deny that "Chunks" and I were even engaged! And I said out loud under my breath, "That's a lie." She also claimed that after our meeting with the Auto Club travel agent, when we met at Coco's, she was "unsure" if she was even going. That's another lie. She was definitely sure about going when she asked me to front her portion of the AAA travel package. I produced the text message in which I expressed my displeasure to "Chunks" in being put on the spot over this to the court.

In rebuttal, I argued, "It seems odd that when she was served with the lawsuit, she didn't contact me to question it." The judge pro tem didn't buy any of her arguments.

Her "witness" stumbled like a drunk when she tried to answer the judge's questions. She tried to tell tall tales on the fly. She's going to look awfully foolish on television if she tries this tactic on Hot Bench* next month. She had the gall to claim that I never asked for payment until after she and I broke up. Another outrageous lie! By all rights, she should be nailed for perjury.

The thing I do before I go into Small Claims Court is that I watch the Reagan and Carter debate from 1980 and study Reagan's way of deflecting the other side's arguments. It has worked for me every time I've been in Small Claims Court. Well, I won them all!

It was only when the lies got outrageous was when my blood began to boil. But I would catch myself and just smile and laugh. That bugged them.

So now Jackie Scott owes me $808.25 plus court expenses. Not bad for a "pathetic old fuck"! If it weren't for them telling so many lies, I wouldn't be "whooping it up" so much.

I wore my space shuttle tie for good luck today, too!

*The lies that were told today were so outrageous that I am considering pulling out of the show.

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