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Monday, August 29, 2016

Ready To Book The Party

Above, Asya  at Gladstone's 4 Fish. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Unless I can do it today (usually the catering director at the Odyssey Restaurant isn't in on Mondays), I will book the room for the portrait painting unveiling party tomorrow.

If I cannot do so today, it will be done tomorrow following my Small Claims Court trial for the money owed by Jackie Scott for her portion of the Hawaii trip. Hopefully, the case will be called earlier in the morning.
Above, Mariia Malygina.

Once the room is booked, now set for October 2, I will send out invitation notices.

One other Russian artist has been invited, and she has already indicated she'll be attending, Mariia Malygina. She is a friend of Asya, who painted my portrait.

Mariia does interior artwork for homes and offices. She sells her work though her website, The Stolen Art.com (http://www.thestolenart.com/). I spoke with her yesterday and she said she designed her website herself. Talented gal!

Her bio:
Mariia Malygina was born and raised in a small town of the North part of Russia. She started painting from the very childhood and always had an art passion. Her first painting classes in art studio started at the age 5, in a kindergarten art studio. From that time her artworks were displayed in different local art exhibitions, stores and libraries. When she was a student in Russian Art School, several pieces of her art were chosen for a local museum exhibition. 
In 2012 Mariia Malygina moved to Los Angeles from Russia. In 2014 she created her first oil painting in LA 'Lady In Lights' and got the idea of 'The Stolen'.

I've already cleared the date with Asya, so we're "GO" from our end.

Some folks can't resist poking a little fun:

UPDATE: The room is being held, so all I have to do is provide them with a 50% deposit and the list of hors d' oeuvres and wine. I'll do that tomorrow. 

Asya said (when I gave her the news), "Greeeeaaat! Will be amazing!"

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