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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sengoku Photo Studio Samurai

Above, yours truly at a photo studio in Asakusa last year. Photo by Studio Nanairo.

Last October, I did a little indulging and went to a photo studio in Asakusa for a photo shoot. It was a fun experience to be photographed as a samurai. 

RocketNews 24 has posted that there's a new photo studio in Tokyo's Shibuya district that just opened who can turn just about anyone into a fierce samurai.

They wrote:
Japan’s Sengoku period was, in many ways, the archetypical era of the samurai. During its roughly 150 years, Japan’s most storied warriors clashed with one another in a dramatic struggle to unify the country. 
But while the Sengoku period ended some four centuries ago, it was only last week that Tokyo saw the opening of Samurai, which bills itself as the “Sengoku photo studio.” 
Upon arriving at Samurai, located in the Yoyogi neighborhood, customers shed their modern garb and change into suits of samurai armor. Since many Japanese history buffs have an individual warlord they feel a particular affinity for, the sets are modeled after the iconic battlefield outfits of warlords including Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Sanada Yukimura.
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