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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bucket List

Above, a Malibu sunset. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

A good friend of mine, Rachel M. over at Facebook (we met six years ago in Malibu when I worked there, I was on patrol and she was in a hot tub) posted her bucket list.

Initially, it struck me as funny that a person as young as she is should have a "bucket list". Her reply to my comment about that was, "I'm 32. That's not too young!" My response was, "I'd gladly trade you!"

Still, her bucket list she posted was interesting and she challenged her friends to copy and paste the same list, but with their answers.

I did so for fun. It appears that I have a few more things to do.

Here's mine:

Been Married--yes
Been divorced--yes
Fell in love--yes
Gone on a blind date--yes
Skipped school-- yes
Watched someone give birth-- no
Watched someone die--yes
Been to Canada-- yes
Ridden in an ambulance--no
Been to Hawaii--yes
Been to Europe-- no
Been to Washington D.C.-- yes
Been to Nashville-- no
Visited Florida-- no
Visited Mexico-- yes
Seen the Grand Canyon-- yes
Flown in a helicopter--yes
Been on a cruise-- yes
Served on a jury--yes
Been in a movie--yes
Danced in the rain-- no
Been to Los Angeles-- yes
Been to New York City--no
Sang karaoke--no
Laughed so much you cried--yes
Laughed so hard you peed--no
Caught a snowflake on your tongue--yes
Had a pet(s)-- yes
Been sledding on big hill--no
Been downhill skiing-- yes
Been water skiing--no
Rode on a motorcycle--yes
Traveled to all 50 states-- no
Been to a drive-in movie-- yes
Rode a camel-- No
Rode a Horse-- Yes
Been on TV--yes
Been in the newspaper-- yes
Stayed in the Hospital--yes
Donated blood-- no
Gotten a piercing-- no
Gotten a tattoo-- no
Driven a stick shift vehicle--yes
Been scuba diving-- no
Been snorkeling-- no
Rode in the back of a police car-- yes
Got a speeding ticket-- yes
Broken a bone-- yes
Gotten stitches-- yes
Traveled Alone-- yes

The Malibu sunset photo at top is a little "tip of the hat" to Rachel. She also enjoys photographing sunsets. I've invited her to the upcoming unveiling party. Hope she can attend.

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