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Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii" 40th Anniversary Edition DVD

Back on January 14, 1973, Elvis Presley made entertainment and television history with his "Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii" concert. The concert took place at the Honolulu International Center (now the Neal Blaisdell Arena).

The concert was shown via live satellite to various countries and delayed to 30 European countries. It was shown in the U.S. on April 4, 1973 on NBC. The estimated viewing audience was over one billion (some say 1.5 billion).

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of that concert, Elvis fans gathered in Hawaii for several events that were capped by a screening at the Blaisdell Arena a special re-edited version of "Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii" on January 14, 2013, 40 years to the day of the historic concert in the same building.

I recently picked up the DVD of the re-edited "Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii" that was shown. It also includes rare footage and audio, footage of the 40th anniversary event, exhibits at Graceland, clips from "Aloha From Hawaii" press conferences and replica booklet from the 40th anniversary screening.

The images are screen captures from the DVD. They don't do the DVD justice.

The re-edited version of "Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii" received rave reviews from fans and critics. It is a worthwhile DVD to have with great images (it looks as though the footage was shot recently, not 43 years ago) and excellent sound quality.

To order from shopelvis.com, go here.

My grade: A+.

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