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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Elvis Presley's Last Hawaii Vacation Chronicled

Above, a hilltop view of Honolulu and Diamond Head. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Elvis Presley expert Jeff Schrembs has put together a collection of articles on Elvis Presley's last Hawaii vacation on his blog. The vacation took place in March 1977.

Schrembs includes articles (and interview texts) from different people including Jerry Hopkins, Ed Parker, Larry Geller, Ginger Alden and others.

He begins with:
Elvis was exhausted, in declining health, and needed/wanted a vacation. 
In usual Elvis fashion he would not commit to where he wanted to vacation at but tell everyone to "be prepared" and give the departure dates and times. He thought it was a nice surprise for everyone. 
Preparation began in earnest about the middle of February.  
After months of false hints, Elvis finally announced that Hawaii was the chosen location.   
Members of the group were dispatched in advance to the islands, making arrangements to accommodate a party of approximately 38 people. Like everything involving Elvis planning, preparation, and coordination was essential...and demanded.

The departure date of 3rd March was set.
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