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Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary's Instinct To Lie

There's a thing about dealing with liars, as I have recently experienced, once all their lies become known, one cannot ever believe them even if they are telling the truth.

That is a main problem with Hillary Clinton. It appears that her first instinct in dealing with controversies and questions is to "lie like a rug".

This is the topic of a political article from the New York Daily News.

They start with:
Hillary Clinton will beat pneumonia. But she won't beat a condition far more fatal: untrustworthiness. 
In the hours after the Clinton campaign finally came clean (or did it?) Sunday about the candidate's pneumonia diagnosis two days earlier, the only question that mattered was, as NBCNews.com put it, "Clinton's core vulnerability is that most Americans don't find her honest or trustworthy. Will voters now feel like they've been misled about her health?" 
Why is this even a question? Of course it raises trust issues. Worse, it plays into the hands of Clinton foes who assume everything she says is already a lie.
If one expects to be elected President of the United States, to be known as a pathological liar is not the best route to take.

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