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Friday, September 30, 2016

Judgment Final Today!

Above, yours truly and Scott aboard the Blue Hawaiian Helicopters tour.

The Small Claims Court judgment against Jacquese Scott is final today.

Legally, she now has to pay up or collection action(s) would commence.

The total due now is $878.25.

Scott has elected to pay me though the court (which is an option she is allowed to do).

According to the online Case Summary:
Histories (Dates listed in descending order)
09/26/2016 Request to Pay Judgment to Court; Filed by: Jacquese Antoinette Scott (Defendant) 
09/26/2016 Invoice: Small Claims Pay Jdgmt to Court Fee-Pmt of jdgmt to ct-CCP 116.860; Fee: $20.00; Payment: 20.00 Receipt: VE-2016-0004421 (Check); Balance: $0.00; 
09/26/2016 Trust Deposit: Civil Trust Account; Amount: $885.49 Receipt: VE-2016-0004421 (Check); Party: Jacquese Antoinette Scott (Defendant)

The court will be sending the judgment amount notice:  "Judgment Creditor's Request for Funds" (a portion of Form SC-145, the Request to Pay Judgment to Court).

I am actually pleasantly surprised that she took care of this right away. I have to give her kudos for that.

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