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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

NHK World: "Pioneers of J-Pop: The Peanuts"

Above, The Peanuts on the Ed Sullivan Show. 

While watching NHK World last night, an entertainment news story caught my attention.

A tribute album honoring Emi and Yumi Ito, known as "The Peanuts", features 24 contemporary female singers. They are best known to Godzilla fans as the Mothra Shobijin.

According to NHK World:
After their debut in 1959, the sisters released hit after hit, selling more than 10 million records and enjoying spectacular success. They even appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in the US. 
Their songs have become classics. In 2012, Emi Ito, the elder twin, passed away. Then in May of this year, the other one, Yumi, died -- just before the release of a tribute album marking their 75th birthdays, released this month. 
The album features 24 popular female vocalists, performing in 12 duos. The producers say the project unites the past with the present.

Also included in the album is "Mothra's Song" by actress and singer Shoko Nakagawa.

Above, Emi and Yumi Ito in Mothra (1961).

The news story on The Peanuts includes clips from their career, including their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

To read more and to see the news story video, go here.

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