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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Road Trip To Metropolis?

With the announcement that there will be a memorial celebration of the life of actress Noel Neill in Metropolis, Illinois, I am considering attending.

I have always wanted to go to Metropolis to see the Super Museum of Jim Hambrick, that plus the memorial celebration is a good reason to go.

Instead of flying, I am thinking on taking a road-trip there in The Beast. Metropolis is 1,908 miles from Los Angeles (roughly a 28 hour drive). The route would mainly be on Interstates 40 and 44.

This route will take me through Springfield, Illinois, the hometown and where the tomb of President Abraham Lincoln is located. That would also be a good stop to make en route. On the way back, I can head south to Memphis, Tennessee. I was planning a trip to Memphis in the spring, but since I would be in the area...

Above, Noel Neill and yours truly at the TV Land Convention.

Going in The Beast would also solve another thing, I would not have to find a motel room in Metropolis or some town nearby. I can stay in The Beast in town.

I don't relish doing this long a drive solo, but I can take my time with plenty of stops and confine my driving to around 300 miles/day. That would make it a six-day drive at that pace.

Election Day is the following Tuesday, but I can vote absentee before going. That would take care of that problem.

I'll check with the Automobile Club of Southern California and get a TripTik from them.

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