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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Suspect May Have Connection To Kopetsky Disappearance

Above, Kara Kopetsky has been missing since 2007.

The arrest of a man in connection with a missing Kansas City area woman may possibly shed new light on the nine-year disappearance of Kara Kopetsky.

The Kopetsky case came to my attention at the time of the kidnapping and murder of Kelsey Smith. Kopetsky disappeared just a few weeks prior to the Kelsey Smith kidnapping.

According to The News & Observer:
Investigators looking into the Missouri disappearances of a woman and a teenager nine years apart have taken bullets and other items from the home of a man considered a person of interest in at least one of the cases, court records show. 
Kylr Yust was returned to Kansas City on Wednesday to face a charge that he knowingly burned 21-year-old Jessica Runions' vehicle. The woman from the Kansas City suburb of Raymore was last seen leaving a party Thursday night. 
Yust, who turned 28 on Wednesday, had been jailed in Benton County, southeast of Kansas City, since his arrest Sunday.
It will be interesting see if evidence is found connecting Yust with the Kopetsky disappearance. Could this be the break the police have been looking for?

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