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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Rings: It May Not Be Over Yet!

Above, the item on the left is what I have.

(Updated 9/8/16 at 22:23.)

Now that I have the wedding band part of the the ring set in my possession, I am currently checking around to see what I can reasonably get for it.

Frankly, I really don't want to keep it. It is a reminder of someone who either lied to the Hot Bench panel of judges about our relationship or she was telling them the truth, but lied to me for over a year. Regardless, she's a despicable person who deserves to be prosecuted.

Luckily, the set is still being advertised by Kay Jewelers and I have their detailed description of it. I have contacted several buyers and provided them with Kay Jeweler's information on the ring.

The Hot Bench panel of judges ordered that the rings must be returned to me. The engagement part of it is allegedly "lost". But I have some evidence that this claim is bogus. Prior to this order, there wasn't much I can do. But now that I have the order, I can possibly take some legal steps. Also, Hot Bench could possibly have a cause of action once they pay me for the ring. If they pay me for the ring and it is later proven that the ring was never "lost", as she stated such before the panel, then that is fraud and they can also go after her, definitely in civil court.

I am considering a possible action with the District Attorney on this. Most likely, a police report would have to be filed first if it is something that can be pursued. I will do this once I receive the orders in writing from Hot Bench to see what it may say. This has always been something I've considered.

If this can be prosecuted, I will do so. We don't give up that easily!

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