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Friday, September 9, 2016

Tokyo Cheapo's "17 Unique Things To Try In Tokyo"

Above, Godzilla peers over buildings in Shinjuku. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Tokyo Cheapo comes up with many interesting things to see and do while in Tokyo that won't break your personal bank.

They now have a list of "17 Unique Things To Try In Tokyo", one of which is paying a visit to Godzilla (number 4) while in Shinjuku.

They wrote:
If you’re strolling through Shinjuku, try not to panic if you spot Godzilla himself towering above the city. In recognition of the beast’s contribution to culture and tourism, Godzilla was the official tourism ambassador for Shinjuku in 2015, was given residency to the city and had this life-size head built as an ode. Following the release of the Shin-Godzilla movie, he now occasionally roars and glows in a menacing manner, if you’re lucky. Make the most of him with some terrified poses or use him as an alternative meeting point (take that Hachiko). You can see the world from Godilla’s point of view on the deck, if you want to understand the monster.

To see what the other 16 things in Tokyo to try, go here

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