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Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump & Clinton: Debate One

Above, before the fireworks, Trump and Clinton greet each other.

Tonight's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump reminded me a lot of the recent Small Claims Court trial and the Hot Seat "show trial" against my ex and her friend. As they did, Clinton pulled stuff out of the air, lied and misrepresented the historical record.

On many occasions, Clinton led with her jaw and got smacked by Trump. An example was when he fired back on her about her staff people for taking the Fifth Amendment. Trump missed an opportunity by not bringing up Benghazi.

I was initially bothered by Trump's sniffing, but since found out that he currently has a head cold. I guess he can be forgiven.

Clinton was more energetic than I expected. But her responses were almost robotic and obviously rehearsed. Trump was being Trump. He was more at ease before a television audience.

Clinton called Trump a racist and anti-woman. During the anti-woman part (which was at the end of the debate), Trump could have fired back about all the abuses of women by her husband Bill. But, as he said, he wasn't going to do it and go there. That showed class on his part, but by not stating the obvious (he didn't have to as people already knew what he was referring to such as Lewinsky, Kathleen Willey (hope I spelled that right), Paula Jones and others), he won. Sometimes understating things will score more points than being explicit. This, I think, was one of those times. Clinton showed that she fights dirty.

It was an interesting debate with more exchanges between presidential candidates than I can remember. This was more of a true debate instead of a canned press conference. I liked this format. But, moderator Lester Holt was like Candy Crowley with Romney in 2012. Not as obvious, but still was biased as he seemed to be like a third debater.

Who won? To me, it was basically a draw. But Trump wins for not making any gaffes and Clinton won for not collapsing as she did in New York a week ago.

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