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Friday, September 2, 2016

Working On The Party

Above, the artist, Asya, deep in thought at Gladstone's 4 Fish. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Work is proceeding on the portrait unveiling party (a good excuse for a party, eh?) on October 2 at The Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills.

Above, a recent portrait by Asya.
The party begins at 1:00.

Along with hors d' oeuvres, wine and ice tea (for our non-drinker friends), we are expecting some "door prizes" of "adult beverages" and Nicaraguan cigars. Since we have an outdoor patio that is part of the Atlantis Room, perhaps one can light up there?

On the portrait itself, when I commissioned it, I gave Asya free rein to have fun with it. She was going for a nineteenth century French impressionism style. I think she succeeded.

One person who has seen the portrait said:
Exactly, Seraut and Cézanne, looks more like them. Nice portrait, Asya.

For more on the unveiling party, go here.

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