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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

2016's Last Debate

Tonight's debate ended minutes ago.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced each other in debate for the last time during this campaign. There were far less fireworks tonight than in the last debate that had a townhall format. This one had the same format as the first.

My reaction is that much of it was generally a rehashing of prior debate points by both candidates, particularly by Hillary Clinton. She did not present anything new. Trump did present some things that hadn't been brought up previously: WikiLeaks, the Democrat financing of violent thugs to attend Trump rallies and the "pay to play" schemes of the Clinton Foundation. Clinton tried her best to not answer questions on any of them. WikiLeaks was brought up sufficiently enough, in my view, to cause curious people to look up the revelations that have come out.

This debate was largely even between the two with Trump getting in better jabs. Trump missed a great opportunity to go after Clinton for her treatment of the women her husband abused when she attacked him for Trump's alleged mistreatment of women. Hillary was the "attack dog" against them when her husband's "bimbo eruptions" took place. Trump could and should have pointed that out. A sample group of undecided voters were not enthralled with Clinton's rant about Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact, they were put off from it.

I thought Fox News' Chris Wallace handled this debate better than any of the previous moderators. He asked both tough questions and kept the debate in better control and admonished the studio audience to keep quiet several times.

For tonight, I would give Trump a slight edge. If he needed a knockout punch, he didn't provide one. But, as I said, he got in more and better jabs than did Clinton.

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