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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Asya Is Off To Russia

Above, Asya with the portrait of you-know-who. Photo by Lori Thornhill.

Today, Asya is heading off to St. Petersburg, Russia to visit her family. She will be gone until sometime next month.

We exchanged emails with our goodbyes and all. Also, I gave her an idea on selling her artwork once she gets back. She very much liked that idea. (I, however, am keeping mum for now.)

One nice thing about her trip home, she is still in the "afterglow" about the unveiling party.

She said:
P.S. After the party at Odyssey, [it] feels like my artistic career officially started here :)))

That's a very sweet thing to say!

A friend is currently vacationing in St. Petersburg and he has posted many photographs. From his photos, St. Petersburg is one beautiful city.

On St. Petersburg (then known as Leningrad), President Richard Nixon said:
If you really want to know Russia, its exciting variety and history, you must go to Leningrad.

She said she'll let me know via email when she arrives.

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