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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Driving Directions and Weather At Accuweather.com

Above, rain at the Spring Platrix clamp-out. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Thanks to fellow RVers at iRV2, I was directed to a website that provides weather information on the route(s) I'm taking to Metropolis, Illinois. It is at Accuweather.com.

All one needs to do is to add their starting and ending points along with the time of departure and it will provide driving directions and the weather along the route.

Here is what the map looks like for Los Angeles to Metropolis:

Thankfully, we had a couple of rainstorms in Los Angeles this past week, which gave me the opportunity to check for any leaks. Since The Beast is still relatively new, there shouldn't be any and there were none. I did have a small leak from the roof air conditioner during a rainstorm last April at a clamp-out. But that was easily fixed. All I had to do was to tighten the air conditioner's mounting bolts. The recent rains told me that the tightening did the trick. Two weeks prior to the clamp-out, there were heavier rains at Yosemite National Park while I was there and there were no leaks.

To go to their Driving Directions and Weather page, go here.

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