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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lens Fixed

Above, the lens is back on. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

There's one thing (possibly others) that analog camera lenses have over today's digital lenses, they don't give you error messages or fail to focus. With analog lenses, with a twist of the wrist, what you see is what you get! Since digital lenses have electronics in them, they can and do sometimes go haywire.

I finally had the 50mm lens for my Canon T5i Rebel camera fixed after it started giving me error messages and wouldn't correctly focus.

The good folks at Woodland Hills Camera had it all repaired and ready for me within 2 weeks. Not too shabby! Plus, they threw in a new lens cap strap at no charge!

Before leaving the store, I tested it out with my camera and it works as good as new.

The Tamron 18 - 270mm lens I bought (as a replacement) before the Hawaii trip worked great, but I did notice that it is not as sharp as the Canon 55mm lens.

Everything is ready to go, camera-wise, for the Metropolis trip.

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