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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

More Portrait Unveiling Party Photos

Photos by Lori Thornhill and Armand Vaquer

As I've mentioned before, in the beginning of the portrait commission, I told Asya at the start to "have fun with it" and go with what she felt comfortable in doing. She went with a 19th Century French impressionist style. She did so without any pressure or deadlines by me.

Here's some more photos taken at the portrait unveiling party last Sunday:

Above, the start of the unveiling.

Above, after the unveiling.

Above, observing the guests' reactions.

Above, cigar gifts and Asyas business cards.

Above, a group shot.

Above, the painting nicely framed by pretty ladies.

Above, out on the patio which came with the room.

Above, Asya clowning with cigars.

Above, Armand and Dawn.

For the write-up and photos of the party, go here.

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