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Monday, October 10, 2016

Part Ordered

There's one thing I had to do today, which I just got done, was to order a replacement door handle assembly for The Beast's screen door.

Above, yours truly with the broken latch handle.
While groping in the dark and being unfamiliar with the door handles of the motorhome at last weekend's clamp-out, Glenn Thornhill accidently broke off the screen door handle lever. This made getting in or out of the RV a little difficult whenever the door got latched shut (that part still works). We had to use a key, a card or a flat head screwdriver to open it.

At first, we tried the "Watergate method" of taping the latch in, but that didn't work. We only had electrician's tape and some Scotch Magic Mending tape available. I should get a roll of duct tape. That stuff would have worked!

No biggie. It is something I can repair myself (I just have to find a square head screwdriver, so it's off to Home Depot today) after the replacement handle assembly arrives from Lichtsinn RV in Forest River, Iowa. They have an excellent service and parts department (they're located about a mile from Winnebago's factory) and since I ordered from them before (a side marker light fixture) last June, I'm already in their data base. I was very pleased with their service and recommend them.

They said the replacement handle assembly will be shipped today. The part is around $20. It should arrive in about a couple of days.

Oh, well. As they say, "$hit happens!"

UPDATE: I just got back from Home Depot where I bought a square-headed screwdriver. Before going there, I made a pencil rubbing of the screws so that I would get the correct size. Good thing that I did. The rubbings matched one of the screwdrivers perfectly and I saved myself a return trip.

I removed the door latch hardware.

Now all I have to do is receive the new part and install it.

Above, the door latch hardware with the square-head screws
and the "Watergate method" tape. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

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