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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Prepping The Beast

Above, The Beast getting the propane tank filled. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Getting The Beast ready for the cross-country trip to Metropolis, Illnois for Noel Neill's memorial celebration at the end of the month has started.

Yesterday, I took The Beast to get the propane tank filled in Northridge. It needed 4.5 gallons. Propane prices in California are on the high side at $2.99/gallon plus tax. I last had the tank filled in June. Considering how much use the propane appliances had since, 4.5 gallons is not bad.

After returning home from getting propane, I swept and mopped the floor. It needed it, especially after the clamp-out last weekend. I am grateful that The Beast has a linoleum floor instead of carpeting. I had another motorhome with carpeting and it was harder to keep clean. More cleaning will be done later.

The screen door latch part is on its way, according to Lichtsinn RV of Forest City, Iowa. I talked to them yesterday after noticing that my credit card hadn't been charged yet.

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