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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Settlement Reached With "Hot Bench"

Today, I received a call from the legal department of the court-tv show, Hot Bench.

The call concerned the matter of the engagement ring that was ordered to be returned to me by the three-judge panel on the show. The Defendant claimed that the engagement ring was lost by her son somewhere around March of this year. However, that is a questionable claim as she was seen wearing a ring resembling it in May.

As the Defendant "refuses to return the ring" (in the words of the Hot Bench attorney), they had to step in to make me "whole" in this matter.

Accordingly, we have reached a monetary settlement amount that is quite satisfactory to me. A Release will be sent to me and once I sign and return it, a check will be cut.

The Defendant is not totally off-the-hook. If evidence is presented that she fraudulently is keeping the ring, then the Hot Bench legal department can and will take necessary legal action.

And, no, I don't know when the show will be aired.

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