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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump Had Hillary Off-Balance Tonight

It was a "do or die" debate tonight. And one candidate exceeded expectations.

I have felt that the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was essentially a tie. This time, Trump knocked Clinton off-balance and she remained off-balance. Her face became reddish and she stammered. She usually doesn't stammer or studder.

On the "issue" of Trump's locker room talk of 11 years ago, he apologized for it and said he was not proud of it. But, he turned it around and went after the women Bill Clinton victimized over the years (and who were present in the hall) and went after Hillary Clinton for her attacks on them. She never recovered from that. And, Trump received rousing cheers. (See Bill Clinton's reaction here.)

Trump won this debate, there's no question in my mind about that. He performed better than many expected. He had to in order to save his campaign. I think he did so. He also fought back on the biased moderators.

On the issues, Obamacare (a big one for him), ISIS, energy, economy, foreign policy and all the rest, Trump was better prepared and it showed.

Trump exceeded expectations. Hillary withered.

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