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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why Republicans MUST Get Out And Vote!

The rumor is out there (allegedly based on recent polls) that Republican voters may sit this whole election out. That would not be a good idea.

Remember the last time Repubicans sat out an election? That was in 2008 and Obama was elected as were a sizable majority of Democrats to the House and Senate. Because of those majorities and Obama, the Democrats went ape and we have been saddled with a $20 trillion national debt and ObamaCare. We should remember that. The country is in a mess!

With terrorism on the rise, much of it caused by Obama and Hillary Clinton, do you really think the Democrats are going to protect this country, especially with all those refugees coming in without proper vetting?

Even if you aren't pleased that Donald Trump is the GOP presidential nominee, it is in everyone's best interest that Repubican voters must go to the polls and vote for their senator or member of congress. If for nothing else, for your own self-interest to keep the Democrats from raiding your pockets even further. If, God forbid, Hillary Clinton wins, she needs to be kept in check.

Get out and vote, Republicans!

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