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Friday, November 11, 2016

An Inconvenience

Above, The Beast at Deer Creek Valley RV Park in Topeka, Kansas. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

A little mishap occurred yesterday in St. Louis.

After I had gotten off the freeway downtown, I had to swerve a to the left. In my way was a traffic island. Normally, curbs are rounded, but this one had a sharp corner.

Well, that sharp corner sliced my driver's side front tire and rear driver's side outside tire. Both were torn up beyond repair. I had to get new tires.

I contacted Auto Club for a tow, but my premium RV coverage covers tows on a reimbursement basis. Plus, I would have had to pay an additional $130/hour (for 3 hours they said) for a shop-to-shop tow.

Luckily, I found a local tire dealer who does remote tire repair/replacement for RVs. The tires and all cost me almost $500. That put a major crimp in my pocket money and checking account. That left me with a bit over $350. Well, it could have been worse. As it was, it was just tires.

So, I contacted my bank and asked for an emergency money transfer from my investment account to my checking account. At first, they said the earliest I would have the money is Tuesday. Then "maybe" Monday. Then, I was contacted by the main customer service department and arrangments are being made for a transfer to be completed, hopefully, today. Until it does, I don't have enough money on hand for fuel to get home. So, I am sitting tight in Kansas.

Luckily, I have enough food provisions to last me a week. I went shopping in Springfield, Illinois and stocked up on food. I spent last night in a rest area to save some cash. But, I still need to be able to fill up my water tank other things. I found a nice RV park in Topeka, Kansas, the Deer Creek Valley RV Park. With my AAA or Good Sam discount, the night's stay is only $39.60. If necessary, I can stay here to Monday.

Soon after I registered, I made use of their hot showers.

This is just an inconvenience and the net effect is that my vacation will just be extended a few more days before I can begin heading into Colorado and, later, Arizona and have fun again.

Above, Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missiouri. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Before heading to Topeka, I took a drive to Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri, the site of the 1976 Republican National Convention, the first convention I attended. That was the contest between President Gerald Ford and Gov. Ronald Reagan. I was a California Reagan Delegate. The place looked pretty much the same.

UPDATE: I heard from the bank and the earliest I can get the transfer completed is on Monday. It is because today is the Veteran's Day holiday. That's okay, I am comfortable where I'm at.

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