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Monday, November 21, 2016

Bought A Pair of Busts

No, not the kind of busts that I bought earlier this year and got very little benefit from.

These are two busts of President Abraham Lincoln I purchased while in Springfield, Illinois.

I bought very little in the way of souvenirs on the trip I completed yesterday. Very little, if anything, interested me. But I seem to have a somewhat growing collection of busts. These will join Elvis Presley, John Wayne, George Reeves and Ronald Reagan in my collection.

The one on the left I bought at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. If I remember correctly, I believe it is made of pewter.

The one on the right was at a Lincoln souvenir store just outside of the Oak Ridge Cemetery where Lincoln's Tomb is located. It was carved from a piece of coal. I thought it was pretty unique.

I considered getting one of President Eisenhower while at the Eisenhower Visitor Center, but I didn't care much for the design.

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