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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Graceland "Official" Photo

Before visitors board the bus that will take them across the street to Graceland, they will take a commemorative photo of either you or your group.

When you are done with your tour, and when you disembark from the bus, you will find yourself at the booth where all the commemorative photos are displayed. Along with a cash register, of course.

It is your choice if you want to purchase a photo set. The lowest is $35.00. At one point, a couple walked past the booth and one of the clerks grabbed their photo(s) and chased them while waiving it. (I was going to say, "literally chased them", but that reminds me too much of somebody who often used that word.)

Above, I took this selfie before boarding the bus to leave Graceland.

I bought one so I could compare it to one taken 14 years ago when I visited Graceland with my mom and daughter.

Nice as it is, I still prefer the selfie I took at Graceland.

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