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Friday, November 18, 2016

If This Is Autumn, I'd Hate To See How Cold It Gets Here In Winter

Above, The Beast at Goulding's Campground. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

After waking up a little while ago, I took a look at my Weather Channel app on my phone and it said it is 25­° outside. Autumn?

That isn't too surprising since yesterday was in the lower 40s along with a bone-chilling wind. There will be a marathon on the valley floor today and, weather permitting, hot air balloons will take flight.

At least Sierra and I are nice and warm inside the RV. The new ceramic heater works great. It was under $20 at Wally World (Walmart). Anyone who has an RV, I recommend getting one of these as the RV heater will eat up the supply of propane. I found this out a year ago at Joshua Tree National Park. It will only work if one is hooked up to the campground's electrical outlet or if the generator is running. I only used my generator once on this trip, and that was when I stayed overnight at a Missouri rest area and needed power to make coffee.

Since I expected freezing temperatures, I had the foresight to flip on the heating system for the holding tanks to those won't freeze up and cause possibly costly problems.

Since it is bitter cold out, I think I will remain inside doing some minor maintenance to The Beast. We'll see what happens after the sun comes up.

Before I went on yesterday's tour, there were only a handful of RVs in the campground. When the tour was over, the campground was 3/4 full.

As for tomorrow, I will be heading out of Monument Valley early in the morning. I will be going to the Grand Canyon National Park. I am debating if I want to spend the last night of the trip in the Williams area again or press a little further to Kingman, Arizona. In either case, I will be back home on Sunday. It is hard to believe that this trip took three weeks to complete. It would have been under that by about 3 days had I not shredded two tires in St. Louis and had to wait for a cash transfer in order to press ahead. But, since I am retired, I was in no rush. I dread to see the pile of mail that waiting for me.

I will be cooking salmon tonight inside. It is too cold out to fire up the barbecue. 

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