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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Neal Adams' "The Coming of the Supermen" Hardcover

I haven't bought a new comic book in ages, but this is tempting me very much!

It appears to have been released a couple of weeks ago (while I was on my road trip).

13th Dimension wrote:
Coming of the Supermen, Neal Adams’ raucous 6-issue DC miniseries, is collected in hardcover this week. Pick it up. 
The premise isn’t particularly new, with concepts DC has played with even in the last 10 years: Some surviving Kryptonians show up on Earth to help out Superman, sort of as a junior Supersquad. They’re learning the powers but Darkseid and his minions are the opposition and all hell breaks loose. Plus there’s a hidden planet on the other side of the sun in an orbit opposite ours. And Superman bleeds.
Above, yours truly with Neal Adams at the 2012 Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles.

From what I am seeing, facially, Superman looks like Superman again. And, Adams has given Superman his red trunks back!

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