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Monday, November 28, 2016

Shops and Elvis Exhibits Near Graceland

Above, when one sees this sign, they know they're in the right place. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Photos by Armand Vaquer

During my recent visit to Memphis, Tennessee, I stayed at the Graceland RV Park, which is situated behind the former Heartbreak Hotel (now closed).

The RV park is close enough to hear Elvis music coming from the souvenir shops along Elvis Presley Blvd. that surround Presley's mansion. The music ended around 8:30 to 9:00 PM.

Also, some storefronts also were additional exhibits of Elvis memorabilia. Some of them were included in the price of the Graceland tour. The photos below include an exhibit of Elvis Presley's concert jumpsuits in one of the storefronts. There is also a tour of the Lisa Marie jet, but it is not part of the official tour and here is a separate admission charge. Since I toured the jet in 2001, I skipped it this time.

One store offered reproduction Elvis jumpsuits for around $2,700 for those who just want one or wish to start a "career" as an Elvis impersonator.

Here's a sample of some of them:

Below, is my "over the fence" photo of the Lisa Marie, Elvis Presley's personal jet.

According to the Elvis Australia website (they are the "official" Elvis Presley fan club of Australia):
On April 17, 1975 Elvis bought a Convair 880 Jet, recently taken out of service by Delta Airlines, for the then-substantial sum of $250,000. After refurbishing, the total exceeded $600,000. 
He immediately rechristened it the Lisa Marie.

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