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Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanks To Don Rhoden!

This morning, I headed off to the post office to pick up my mail that had accumulated during my trip to Metropolis, Illinois. It was a large stack, too!

Among the stack of mail was a DVD that Don Rhoden made of the Hot Bench episode I appeared in. I took a quick look at it and was somewhat amused by what the show put on the screen:

Of course, sufficient proof that we were engaged was provided to the panel so that I was awarded the rings and/or the cost of them. I have since been paid and have the wedding band portion of the set.

Here's a little stroll down "Memory Lane" of when she and I discussed the breaking off of the engagement:

Looking at it strategically, it was a smart move to try to deny the engagement as California Civil Code 1590 stipulates that if the woman breaks off the engagement or it is a mutual decision, the man gets the rings back. By denying the engagement, and if the judges swallowed it, then she would have been able to keep them. Lying rarely works, especially when the other side can prove otherwise.

Thankfully, it didn't work. It's all "water under the bridge" now.

Thanks, Don Rhoden!



From Don Rhoden:
My pleasure. Sorry the aspect ratio wasn't perfect but my DVD burner doesn't burn letterbox style. It was nice to finally see her in the flesh. But she's not the first woman who was treated like a princess and didn't appreciate it!
Nor the last, I'm sure. It looked fine to me.

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