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Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Noel Neill "Lois Lane" Statue

Above, the Noel Neill "Lois Lane" statue. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Friday morning had me up early (I went to bed at 8:00) at the Fort Massac State Park campground in Metropolis, Illinois.

After showering and putting away things so I can drive into town, I headed into downtown Metropolis.

Above, another view of the statue. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

My first stop was the Noel Neill Lois Lane statue. Upon arrival, I saw a gent photographing it. I got out of the RV and headed over. He looked at me and we exchanged hellos. He said I looked familiar to him and I told him who I am and he introduced himself. He was Jim Bowers from Las Vegas,
Nevada. We knew each other from Superman message boards but never met.

We began to take more photos of the statue. He took some of photos of me with the statue with his Nikon camera. I had him take some with my camera.

Above, your truly with Noel Neill. Photo by Jim Bowers.

He was also in town for Saturday's memorial service for Noel Neill.

After a while, we went our separate ways. He was headed to Paducah, Kentucky (which is just across the Ohio River from Metropolis) to pick up someone and I was looking for a restaurant to have breakfast. I could not find a restaurant anywhere (except a Hardy's fast food place, but I wanted a sit-down restaurant). I spotted Harrah's Casino near the Ohio River. I figured that they should have an open restaurant. Turns out I was right. The casino looked exactly like the ones found in Reno or Las Vegas. There were gaming tables (craps, blackjack and roulette) and slot machines everywhere.

The restaurant turned out to be very good and reasonably-priced.

After breakfast, I headed back into downtown to tour the Super Museum. That's the subject for another blog post.

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