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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Where Things Stand and Why

When the Hot Bench episode that had my case aired on November 1, I received a lot of reaction messages. Those were posted here.

Strangely, I received several on Messenger (I really don't like Messenger as it caused problems back in May) from people (all women) I don't even know. Although they said they saw the show and were all in support of me, I did not feel it prudent respond to them, just in case they were some sort of set-up.

Here's one of them:
Hi saw you on Hot Bench..you seem so nice..i was hoping you got everything you sued for..wanted to say im sorry you didn't.  I hate to see anyone taking advantage of someone..which she obviously did.

I saw those yesterday after I checked in to the RV park I'm at in Topeka, Kansas with a decent Wi-Fi (I've been on the road since October 30). After reading them, I hit "ignore" and they have been erased.

To date, I have not seen the episode (not that I'm anxious to re-live it). A friend made a DVD of it and mailed it to me. I guess I'll view it when my trip is over.

Since the show aired November 1, I have refrained from making any comments except in emails or on Facebook with longtime known friends.

My only comments were as follows:

On what had transpired up to April:
Yeah, I would never thought a year ago that things would come to this. At that time, unknown to me, we were at the Narcissistic Stage 1 [Valuation]. It is amazing that Stage 2 [Devaluation] started in April of this year.
On what transpired after June:
Well, everything was enjoyable for a year. Our first fight came in January. We had a lot of fun in 2015. I would not take that away from her. I initiated "no contact" in June before we got to Stage 3 [Discard]. That rankles her because I reclaimed control. She tried "Hoovering" and had her flying monkeys spy on me. All to no avail.
I initiated "no contact" because I came to realize that I was being played as she was giving me a lot of nonsensical excuses on different things. I decided I had enough. It was intended to be a friendly parting.

Why things deteriorated after what was initially an amicable parting (despite the Small Claims case she knew was coming):
I was content so say nothing against her until she tried to set me up as some sort of stalker, which included a battle in court when she sought a temporary restraining order. That's when I fought back and ratcheted up the rhetoric [on this blog]. She dropped the action when my attorney and I came into court with months of text message transcripts showing that she was causing problems and was stalking me [we also came to an agreement there]. It is stupid to try to accuse someone of stalking when he was the one who initiated NO CONTACT.
Since the show was taped, we have had no contact with each other except on one occasion around September 18 that spanned two consecutive days. They began (not by me) as angry and accusatory. But after a bit of discussion, the tone cooled down and became much more civil. The communications ended on a civil note, which is remarkable, considering everything. I am actually glad of that. (When I told Asya about all this, she said, "True true😅 looks like she is addicted to you☺")

The cases have been decided, payments have been made and that's that.

That's where things stand today. Nothing more, nothing less.

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