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Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Moment of Silence

Above, The Beast at Goulding's Lodge Campground. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Living in Southern California has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are living in a one-party state with crazy control-freak lawmakers, too many people, high taxes, higher gas prices (than other states) and so on.

But, there is one advantage for California RV owners. Except for people who live in mountainous areas or desert areas prone to freezing temperatures, we don't have to winterize our RVs.

The weather reports this week are screaming that a hard freeze is coming (in some places, it already arrived) to much of the country.


I can now easily see why winterizing is necessary for some. At Goulding's Lodge Campground in Monument Valley last month, the temperatures dipped down into the 20s. I forgot to shut off the fresh water faucet outside for the night. The next morning, the water in my fresh water hose froze. It was like a snake with rigor mortis. Fortunately, I did switch on the heating system for The Beast's holding tanks, so no problems there.

To remedy the hose situation, I fired up the campsite's barbecue and brought the hose over. I held the stiff hose over the charcoals to thaw out the frozen water. It did the trick!

I am also glad that I bought that Comfort Zone ceramic heater. It kept Sierra and I nice and warm.

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