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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Free Car Wash Day In L.A.

Above, The Beast and the Mustang getting their free wash. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The current rain we're now having in L.A. reminds me of the old days (when I was a kid) when it seemed to rain endlessly in November and December. It seemed more like Christmas when it rained. For Los Angeles, having rains around Christmas would be the closest we can get to a white Christmas.

I remember going with my parents to downtown Inglewood for Christmas shopping and it rained. These were the days before indoor shopping malls.

The end of the shopping day would have us at Ruby's Toyland (I think that's what the name was) on La Brea Ave. I'd have to wait in the car while my parents raided the place for my gifts. Ruby's was the place to buy toys back in the day. This was before Toys R Us, Target and Walmart.

One additional nice thing about this rain, The Beast and the Mustang are getting a free wash.

The rain is supposed to taper off later this morning. I'll be finishing up my Christmas shopping then.

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