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Friday, December 9, 2016

Hakone "One Day Tour"

Above, Lake Ashi. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Following a viewing of a fireworks festival at Lake Kawaguchi with the silhouette of Mount Fuji in the background, G-TOUR in 2004 spent the night at a Hakone hotel and, on the following day, sailed on Lake Ashi, rode cable cars and tasted eggs cooked in volcanic waters.

One day in Hakone is really not enough, but there is a self-guided "One Day Tour" to get a good taste of Hakone if one day is all you have.

According to Japan Today:
HAKONE —A fierce contender for the most picture-perfect area in Japan, it’s not hard to see why Hakone consistently ranks high on “Best of Japan” destination lists. 
Glory-hallelujah mountain scenery, hot springs in every forested nook and cranny, an extraordinarily efficient transport network (featuring a ropeway, cable car, buses and a scenic railway) as well as a wide range of outdoor activities make Hakone a destination that can pretty much market itself. Tourists usually stop by on a tour of the Kanto region, for which the town is the ancient entry point, soaking away several nights in a traditional onsen ryokan for a classic Japan experience. 
Now, though, Hakone is hoping to attract those travelers who might not have as much time to spend in the region with an inspired travel package called the “One Day Tour.” It’s a sort of tourists’ toolkit that presents three model travel itineraries to follow (self-guided) and includes round-trip tickets to and from Tokyo, plus free use of all Odakyu transport while you’re there; discounts on entrance tickets to various attractions, and coupons for food and shopping in both Tokyo, at the Odakyu Department Store, and various shops in and around Hakone.
For more details, go here

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