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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Made A Raid At R.E.I.

Above, The Beast at Fort Massac State Park in Metropolis, Illinois. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

While cleaning around the apartment, I found my 2015 dividend voucher from R.E.I.

The voucher had an expiration date of January 3, 2017. I figured I'd better go and make use of it (plus, spending now will add more to my 2016 total for the next voucher that should arrive sometime in March). So, I headed up to the R.E.I. store in Northridge.

I picked up a few kitchen items that I needed for The Beast such as bowls (I had to rely on paper bowls during my three-week trip that I completed last month), a percolator to make coffee on the stove top when there's no hook-ups (and using the generator would wake up other campers) and a new thermometer for the refrigerator.

Speaking of kitchen ware, I found several camping plates with dividers while rummaging around in a kitchen drawer in the apartment. I forgot I had them. These are larger than the plates that I had been using, so I am switching them all out and making room for the percolator.

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