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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Looney Left Report: Democrats Are Sick People!

The Looney Left Report

The Democrat Party is no longer a national party. They are now a party of the east and west (left) coasts and a few pockets in-between. They can't handle that reality. It has been clear as day since 2010.

They are desperate. They are grasping at straws. They blame the Russians and everything else, except the real culprits for their losses: themselves.

Their strategy to de-legitimize Trump's victory is doomed to failure. Up to now, we've always had a great tradition of a peaceful transition of power. Not anymore. The crybabies of the Democrat Party ended that tradition (at least for now), not the Russians.

Rush Limbaugh sees through their bullshit.

As he said today:
It is a political strategy that is being implemented to look like a news story, which is how most of liberalism finds its way into the mainstream of our culture.  
They create news stories, they buy protesters, they buy people who go out and make it look like the majority of Americans think what they think.  They put these stories in the mainstream media, which makes it look like every American agrees with this.  This is how they get what they want.  When what they are and what they want and when who they are is on the ballot, like happened in this election, they lose. 
Hillary Clinton lost because of who she is, because of her track record of failure, because there's no resume, there's no record of experience that she's good or qualified at anything. She cannot cite any achievements or accomplishments, other than traveling miles and being named after people she wasn't named after and being told to go join the dogs by somebody at the Marine Corps.  She's exposed.  She's exposed as a phony and a fraud and everything that she believes and claims to have done she hasn't done.  It finally came to light.  
The American people, when had the chance, three times now have said "no" to Hillary Clinton.  The Democrats did it in 2008.  The Jill Stein recount this year and the American people in 2016.  Three times in eight years the American people have looked at Hillary Clinton and said "no."  And so there must be some explanation for this other than that.  So it's the Russians today.  And it's Vladimir Putin, and it's hacking.  
Now, Hillary is actually telling her donors that Putin targeted her personally because he's so afraid of her.  We're dealing with some genuinely sick people here, folks, truly, I'm talking mentally ill.  They're not all there.  They pose a great danger.
These people have gone completely psycho. Facebook is loaded with constant schemes and scenarios from leftists on overturning the will of the people as stated in the election results. As that famous movie line goes, "You can't handle the truth!" They and their socialistic, totalitarian brand of governing were rejected. They can't handle that!

And, their behavior is showing the nation and the world that they have no respect for the democratic process.

As Limbaugh put it:
These people are totalitarian, authoritarians who -- when you get right down to it -- are showing everybody they have no respect for the democratic process, and they want no part of it.  They are trying to undermine it.  This isn't insecurity.  This is dangerous!

January 20, 2017 can't come soon enough for me! These people need to shut the hell up!

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