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Monday, December 12, 2016

Trip Souvenirs

Above, the Super Museum had a lot of goods for sale, but I passed on them. I've too much stuff already. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

During my recent 3-week trip to and from Metropolis, Illinois I stopped off at a number of attractions, but bought very little souvenirs.

I bought some books, but as far as knick-knacks, not much. I have enough stuff as it is. The two new tires I had to get in St. Louis, Missouri and the electric ceramic heater I bought in Kansas don't count.

At Meteor Crater in Arizona, the only thing that "suited my fancy" was an Arizona cookbook.

The only thing I picked up at the Super Museum in Metropolis was this magnet for The Beast:

At Graceland, I did pick up a magnet for The Beast but the only other things were a hat and t-shirts for friends. I did buy a CD of Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii.

I am picky about things like knick-knacks. A lot of items I saw that looked good had "Made In China" stamped on them. I avoided those. A lot of other travelers felt the same way, as I overheard.

At Sun Studio, I bought myself a hat and a CD of The Million Dollar Quartet:

Then, when I went to Springfield, Illinois, I picked up two Lincoln busts (one was carved from a piece of coal, which I found was unique) and a book on the Lincoln Museum.

Here's the busts:

At the Eisenhower Library, I didn't see anything that I particularly wanted. But, when I went on to Colorado, and after crossing Wolf Creek Pass, I stopped in Pagosa Springs for coffee and a snack. But, the restaurant had a gift shop and I found two Indian wool mats that I am using for the dinette's back rests to protect them from Sierra's claws.

I didn't find anything I wanted in Monument Valley. But I took plenty of photographs while there and at other places. Those are sufficient for me.

Some of these places I had been to already and I still have some things I bought back then. I transferred a couple of magnets from the house to The Beast.

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Seer said...

The Lincoln busts are very nice. Hope you have great memories of your sogurn.

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