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Friday, October 20, 2017

James Woods: Rep. Frederica Wilson A "Clown" and "Saloon Hooker"

Actor James Woods Tweeted something about Rep. Frederica Wilson that is both hilarious and right on the money:

World Series Dodgers Cap

Above, the special World Series edition Dodgers cap. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

My aunt Gloria is celebrating her 87th birthday this weekend and I was at a loss about what birthday present to get her.

I spoke with my cousin and a blanket was mentioned, but I got her one already.

Then, the Los Angeles Dodgers won the National League Pennant last night and are headed to the World Series.

My aunt is an ardent Dodgers fan so that gave me an idea. Dodgers stuff!

I went to a local store this morning that sells Dodger goods and saw that they have special Dodgers World Series baseball caps.

I spent much time in the store trying to reach my cousins to see if anyone knew what her hat size is. The cap is non-adjustable. While I was in the store on the phone, World Series caps in larger sizes were selling out.

Nobody got back to me but based upon a photo of my aunt and me, a clerk suggested a size 7 cap. So I got it. Good thing, too, since other sizes were rapidly selling out.

I spoke with my cousin afterwards and she said her mom will love it!

Joshua Tree Hikers' Deaths From Murder-Suicide

Above, a rock formation at Joshua Tree National Park. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Law enforcement has determined that the deaths of the two missing Joshua Tree National Park hikers were from a murder-suicide.

According to the San Bernardino Sun:
Officials now believe that one of the missing hikers found dead in Joshua Tree National Park may have shot and killed the other before turning the gun on himself, according to a San Bernardino County sheriff’s news release. 
Authorities on Tuesday identified the two hikers whose bodies were found Sunday afternoon in a remote part of the park as Joseph Orbeso and Rachel Nguyen who went missing in late July. Also recovered was a handgun, officials confirmed Friday. 
“Based on evidence located at the scene, detectives believe Orbeso shot Nguyen, then shot himself,” the sheriff’s release states. “The investigation into Orbeso’s actions remain under investigation.” However his ultimate motive may never be known. 
One would like to think that the murder-suicide was from an act of kindness to spare suffering in one-hundred degree temperatures in the desert. But the reason for the act will never be known.

To read more, go here.

Dodgers Going To World Series!

Above, the World Series returns to Dodger Stadium
for the first time since 1988. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The last time the Los Angeles Dodgers reached the World Series was when my daughter was one years old. That was in 1988.

Finally, the long drought is over for the Blue Crew.

The Los Angeles Times wrote:
Clayton Kershaw climbed atop a plastic cooler and hoisted a green bottle of Korbel Brut. Below him heaved a delirious crowd of teammates, the 2017 Dodgers, the group who brought the National League pennant back to Los Angeles. Kershaw wiped the alcohol from his eyes and gazed upon the scene inside the visitors’ batting cage at Wrigley Field. 
“You are way too dry!” he shouted. “You are way too dry!” 
Kershaw sprayed his bottle until it was empty and then descended into the throng, joyous to take part as they celebrated clinching the franchise’s first World Series berth since 1988 with an 11-1 victory over the Cubs in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series. A 28-season drought ended in a hail of home runs from Enrique Hernandez, strikeouts collected by Kershaw and the relentless charge of this Dodgers team.
Go Dodgers!

To read more, go here.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Illegal Alien Set Wildfire In Sonoma County

California being a "sanctuary state" has bitten it and, most importantly, the people in Sonoma County by having a wildfire and possibly deaths started by an illegal alien.

American Action News reported:
WASHINGTON, DC — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Tom Homan confirmed on Thursday that a man arrested in connection with setting a fire in Sonoma County Wine Country is an illegal alien from Mexico who has been twice returned to his “home country.”  
Homan also confirmed that ICE has issued detainer requests for Jesus Fabian Gonzalez five times now in the past year alone, including the one issued on October 16 in relation to his most recent arrest on suspicion of arson.

We can thank Governor Jerry Brown and the Democrats who control the state government for this.

To read more, go here.

AOL Gold Has Problems

If there are any of you reading this are AOL account-holders, you may want to avoid (at least for the time being) using AOL Gold, their newest program.

I downloaded it about 2 weeks ago and found a number of problems with it. It (at various times) is slow, unresponsive and freezes up.

I went back to using their previous program, AOL 9.8.2. That one works just fine.

A message was just sent to AOL outlining the problems. We'll see what they have to say.

Until they iron out the bugs with AOL Gold, I would not recommend using it.

National Parks Benefits Montana Economically

Above, West Yellowstone, Montana is a "gateway town" to Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The state of Montana is seeing the economic benefits of having two national parks within its vicinity.

According to the Missoulian:
Montana, a state with a population of just over 1 million, played host to a record 12.4 million nonresident visitors last year, who spent $3.04 billion while they were here. 
According to figures released Tuesday by the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research at the University of Montana, that visitor spending supported nearly $2.5 billion in economic activity and nearly 34,700 statewide jobs. 
Most of Montana’s visitors, 46 percent, come July through September, and two-thirds of all tourist dollars were spent either in the areas in and around Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Glacier National Park is located in Montana, while Yellowstone National Park is mainly in Wyoming with small areas in Montana and Idaho.

To read more, go here.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

They Can Dish It Out But Can't Take It

Looney Left Report

This is a different Looney Left Report than the usual kind. It involves an incident that took place earlier this evening.

It is funny about liberals, especially ones from Hollywood. They can dish out their venom against President Trump based on fake news reports, but they can't handle opposing views.

Such is the case this evening. The topic on Facebook concerned the manufactured flap over what the President allegedly said to the widow of a soldier who was recently killed in Niger. In what was a condolence call to the widow, it degenerated into a political attack from alleged words taken out of context. Trump has more reverence towards our men and women in uniform in his pinky's fingernail than Barack Obama ever did in his whole body. On that basis alone, the story put out by a wacko congresswoman is ludicrous.
"You have to be a really sick, twisted and ugly person who puts politics first... to think the president got out of bed, got on the phone and purposely wanted to hurt this family." — Sean Hannity

This matter involved an actor-writer I've known for about 17 or so years in George Reeves/Superman fandom. When his wife tragically died years ago, I was the only person from the Superman fandom to attend her memorial service.

This B-actor, whom I shall leave unnamed, posted about the matter with his usual attack against the President. I posted a reply that it was "fake news" (the alleged statement by Trump was taken totally out of context).  Go here.

He then responded to me with an attack that basically said that in my eyes, Trump can do no wrong. I responded in kind saying that all he does is badmouth the President and what Trump told the soldier's widow was taken out of context. I probably shouldn't have said this, but I was a bit teed off, "Some marine." (He's an ex-marine, which is considered by many that "once a marine, always a marine".) The context I said it: although he served honorably in Vietnam, all he has done lately is espouse leftist causes. (He also complained that I did not capitalize "Marine". Okay, I can live with that. I checked and it used to be lower-case when referring to a USMC member but is now capitalized. So, I stand corrected.)  If I really wanted to be mean, I could have said, "The only other ex-Marine I can think of who espoused leftist positions was Lee Harvey Oswald", but didn't. So I am not comparing him to Oswald. He also made a crack (about me) to go play with my Godzilla toys (I guess we're even on the insults).

To make a long story short, we batted it back and forth for a little bit (each gave as good as each got) and decided that we would not have anything more to do with the other. Which is fine with me. Less aggravation.

They can sure dish it out, but cannot take it in return. Oh, well. 

Suspicious Fire At Tilted Kilt Northridge

Above, the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery last January. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

"Oh, no!" exclaimed a sobbing Glenn Thornhill in an email sent to members of the F.I.D.D.C. on news that our new annual dinner venue, the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery in Northridge, has sustained fire damage.

Above, a Tilted Kilt waitress waiting to take orders during this year's dinner. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

According to KABC News:
NORTHRIDGE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Investigators in Northridge are looking into what sparked a large fire that ripped through a popular restaurant overnight Monday. 
The flames broke out around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning at the Tilted Kilt. 
The fire triggered a large response from firefighters. 
Investigators said they found enough evidence to call the fire suspicious, but did not reveal what they found.

We have our suspicions (a clue is in the photo below).

To read more and see a video report, go here.

California Gas Tax Going Up!

Repeal the Gas Tax
Repeal the Gas Tax

Today marks ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS until radical liberal Jerry Brown's massive $52 billion gasoline tax grab goes into effect here in California.

Here's what you can expect for the next 10 years once this job-killing, middle and working class-oppressing tax goes live:
  • 12¢ per gallon increase on gasoline
  • 20¢ per gallon increase on diesel
  • $175 increase in vehicle registration fees
  • 4% increase on diesel sales tax
This tax will cost you thousands of dollars! That is, unless you act right now and help us repeal the gas tax at the ballot box!

Will you donate $25, $50, $75, $100 or even more to help us repeal this tax and save you and your family thousands over the next 10 years?

Thank you for standing with us!

Assemblyman Travis Allen

P.S. Jerry Brown and his liberal attack dog, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, want your tax dollars so badly that they've been trying to trick voters into not repealing it. Don't let them win!

Please help us fight back against the corrupt, tax-grabbing tactics of Sacramento by donating to help repeal the gas tax!
 - Travis

Paid for by Join Travis Allen to Repeal the Gas Tax Ballot Measure Committee

Condé Nast: Tokyo Named World's Best City

Above, a view of Tokyo from the Skytree. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Tokyo has topped the Condé Nast Readers' Choice 2017 survey as the world's best city.

According to the Malay Mail:
TOKYO, Oct 18 — A Conde Nast Traveler survey that asked some of the world's most affluent and worldly globetrotters to name their favorite cities has crowned Tokyo the world's best city of 2017.  
While some cities can leave their visitors disheartened, deceived and heavy with disappointment, others leave their visitors inspired and exhilarated — consistently.  
In the 2017 edition of CN Traveler's Readers' Choice Awards, the city that never disappoints is Tokyo, where neon-lit skyscrapers co-exist with temples, shrines and ancient forests.  
With more Michelin stars than any other destination in the world, Tokyo is also a food lover's paradise. 

To read more, go here

Tourist Spending In Japan Sets New Record

Above, Hozomon gate at Sensoji in Asakusa. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Foreign tourist spending in Japan has been a big asset to the Japanese economy and it has set a new record this year.

According to Kyodo News:
Spending by foreign visitors in Japan is expected to set a new record this year as it reached around 3.28 trillion yen ($29.1 billion) through September at the fastest pace backed by Asian travelers' appetite for consumption, the Japan Tourism Agency said Wednesday. 
The pace on course to shatter the record 3.75 trillion yen spending set last year has been also sustained by the fastest pace of increase in the number of foreign visitors that exceeded the 20 million mark in mid-September, according to the agency. 
Japan aims to attract 40 million visitors from overseas a year by 2020, when the country will host the Olympics and Paralympics, as well as targeting spending by them of 8 trillion yen.

To read more, go here

Why California Sucks

Once called "The Golden State", California, under a one-party (i.e., Leftist Socialist Democrats) rule, California has now become "The Garbage State. 

Here's a guest opinion piece from a friend and former co-worker (with some editing and additions by me).

Why California Sucks by Mary V Diana

Way to go asshole Brown..He being in office is clearly proof of voter fraud.
What to know what’s happening in good ole California these days?

Check this out-

Here are some of the highlights of this last CRAZY session in California:

1. SB-1: increases your gas taxes by approximately 20 Cents (Nov 1 - per gallon) and your vehicle license fees by an average of $100 (Jan 1st).

2. Passed Cap N Tax which will increase gas from 0.63 to 0.93 cents a gallon change and the taxes that go with it.

3. Proposed increase on a new tax every residence will pay for tap water in the State!

4. A $3.46B parks bond to pay for parks in "disadvantaged communities" meaning Los Angeles. We will get the crumbs. The debt service will be over $200 million a year. The good news is some money goes to help fix the Salton Sea which should have always been a State responsibility!

5. Law to release any lifer (murder, rape , child molestation, etc) who is: 60 years old and has already spent 25 years in prison!

Charles Manson qualifies today and the Melendez brothers that murdered their parents could be released in about 12 years? What about victims?

6. A new $10 charge on all residents living in a mobile home parks to address living condition enforcement in those parks? Why does the left embrace these regressive taxes on the poor?

7.. We picked an official dinosaur of the State of California. Really? Yes!

8. Blackmail Tesla to either unionize with the United Auto Workers Union or forfeit State incentives to buy their electric cars! Just another Union Grab!

9. Reduce from a felony to a misdemeanor the purposeful intent to transmit the AIDS virus to a unknowing partner.

10. Give preferential treatment to prisoners convicted of serious crimes that are less than 25 years old because their brains are not mature enough to understand right from wrong. Whaaat? If the brains of our kids don't mature until 25, why do we allow them to vote?

11. A bill to require our true sex be omitted from drivers licenses? Whaaat?

12.. Free legal services for illegal immigrants.

13. Establish safe "injection zones" run by government to oversee people injecting heroin! You have to be kidding me? Yep, it passed.

And, this just in (added by Armand):

14. Gov. Jerry Brown has agreed to restore the voting rights of convicted felons serving time in county jails.

The bill that Brown announced signing Wednesday also reinstates the voting eligibility of felons on probation or under community supervision beginning next year. It does not affect those in state or federal prisons.

15. Brown has made California a "sanctuary state" for illegal aliens.

16. Sexual harassment of women, including Nancy Pelosi's daughter, in the California State Assembly.

17.  Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that will make one year free for students at the state’s 114 community colleges, so long as they are residents and new students who are enrolled full-time. Wonder why Californians pay such high taxes?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hollywood Is Imploding

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has opened the floodgates of more accusations of sexual misconduct within the Hollywood movie, television and music industries. Hollywood is, for all intents and purposes, imploding.

The New York Times reported:
LOS ANGELES — Harvey Weinstein is certainly not the first powerful man publicly and credibly accused of sexually harassing or abusing women in recent years. 
Since 2015, the Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, the Fox News prime-time host Bill O’Reilly and the comedian and actor Bill Cosby have suffered professional, financial or reputational setbacks after numerous women told stories of their sexual misconduct. 
Those stories dominated news cycles, to be sure, but the outcry accompanying Mr. Weinstein’s downfall seems louder and more impassioned — perhaps because Mr. Weinstein’s accusers include stars like Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow. 
“I think this is a watershed moment,” said the producer Gail Berman, who had top jobs at Paramount Pictures and the Fox network. 
That became clear on Sunday, when Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were flooded with messages from women who used the hashtag #MeToo to acknowledge that they had dealt with sexual harassment or assault.
The article then goes on to name the women who have come forward.

To read more, go here

Elvis Presley Enterprises Sued For Lung Disease

Above, Elvis Presley's Graceland mansion. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

A woman who was a guest at the new Guest House At Graceland in Memphis is suing Elvis Presley Enterprises for an illness she claims she contracted from the water at the hotel.

According to TMZ:
Elvis Presley Enterprises runs a disease-infested hotel where the water is full of bacteria infiltrating guests' lungs ... according to a new lawsuit. 
The company that runs all things Elvis has just been sued by Jennifer Walker, who says she stayed at the Guest House at Graceland this summer -- and contracted Legionnaires' disease during the vacay. 
Walker says she spent a lot of time at the hotel pool and hot tub and started suffering symptoms of the chronic lung affliction -- such as coughing, difficulty breathing and loss of appetite -- and was diagnosed with Legionnaires' later that same month.

When I visited Graceland last year, I stayed across the street at the Graceland RV Park that is situated behind the now-closed Heartbreak Hotel (it is scheduled for demolition).

To read more, go here

Trump To Visit USS Arizona Memorial

Above, the USS Arizona Memorial. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

En route to his Asian summits, President Donald Trump will stop over in Hawaii and visit the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

According to West Hawaii Today:
HONOLULU — President Donald Trump’s first official trip to Hawaii and Asia will include a stop at Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial, the White House said today. 
Trump will travel to Hawaii, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines from Nov. 3-14. 
“The president’s travel will underscore his commitment to longstanding United States alliances and partnerships, and reaffirm United States leadership in promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific region,” the White House said in a release. 
On Nov. 3 at the start of the trip, Trump will also receive a briefing from U.S. Pacific Command in Hawaii. The impact on public visits to the Arizona Memorial was not immediately clear.

To read more, go here




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Monday, October 16, 2017

Abraham Lincoln's Long Goodbye

Above, a replica of Abraham Lincoln's casket at the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The final journey from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, Illinois of President Abraham Lincoln began on April 21, 1865.

Lincoln's funeral train took a long route that was almost 1,700 miles long. It took 13 days to complete the journey. The funeral train stopped at major cities and state capitals along the way.

CBS Sunday Morning posted a video on YouTube telling the story of Lincoln's funeral train. It is an interesting video that Lincoln scholars and history buffs will find interesting.

Here's the video:

Tsukiji Fish Market To Move In September or October

Above, the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

It has finally been decided (at least for now) that the operations of the famed Tsukiji Fish Market will be moved in September or October of next year.

The Japan Times reported:
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has set the time for relocating the operations of the Tsukiji fish market to the nearby Toyosu waterfront area at September to October next year. 
The specific date will be discussed with industry groups, the metropolitan government said Monday. The announcement came after Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike said in late August that the market, where daily fish auctions attract hordes of tourists, will be moved no earlier than next June. 
The metropolitan government wants to reach an agreement on the date this month at a council consisting of government officials and business representatives. It expects that additional safety measures to address soil contamination at the new site will be completed no later than next July.
To read more, go here

Passport Renewal: The Time Is Now!

So you're planning a trip to another country during next six to eight months from now and your current passport is about to expire. Or, it may not expire for another year. You may wonder, When is the best time to renew my passport?

According to Condé Nast Traveler, the best time is NOW!

They wrote:
The main reason? Processing times are shorter between September and December, with a big rush of passport renewals coming in January and clogging up the system. But the more important reason to renew your passport ASAP is that the Real ID Act kicks in January 22, 2018, meaning driver's licenses from a number of states will no longer work as forms of ID at the airport. (You can see if your state's licenses are complaint or not on the Department of Homeland Security's website.)

According to this, now is the time to get off your butt and get your passport renewal done.

To read more, go here

Joshua Tree Hikers: Bodies Locked In Embrace

Above, the south entrance sign to Joshua Tree National Park. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

More details on the finding of the two missing hikers at Joshua Tree National Park were reported by the Daily Mail (U.K.)

They reported:
Two bodies were found in Joshua Tree National Park, locked in an embrace, nearly three months after a southern California couple vanished while hiking nearby.  
The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said the bodies were found Sunday. Officials have not confirmed the identities of the bodies. 
Rachel Nguyen and Joseph Orbeso, 20 and 21, were reported missing July 28, after they failed to check out of their accommodations near the park.

To read more, go here.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Changes May Be Coming To Las Vegas

Above, my drive down the Las Vegas Strip two months ago. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Las Vegas is still recovering from the shooting that took 58 lives at an outdoor country music festival.

According to Japan Today:
LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas' tourism sector is bracing for changes in the aftermath of the massacre that killed 58 people at an outdoor music festival. 
Analysts who closely track the finances of the city's casino companies say Las Vegas will see a short-term dip in visitors in response to the shooting. 
Casinos and police may have to impose new security measures after gunman Stephen Paddock brought more than 20 rifles into his hotel room and drove a car filled with explosives into the parking garage. 
The "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" slogan has been put on hold, as has one unveiled in the weeks before the shooting by the owner of Mandalay Bay that said, "We are not in the hotel business ... we are in the holy s--- business." 
Electronic billboards that typically promote restaurants, concerts, a topless pool and other entertainment are now showing a dedicated phone line for victims and their families, along with words of appreciation for first responders and casino employees. 
"We've been there for you during the good times. Thank you for being there for us now," reads a black-and-white billboard message with the city skyline and "#VegasStrong." 
It's hard to quantify the effect the shooting will have on Las Vegas tourism. Airplanes still carry loads of tourists to the desert oasis, convention-goers fill large halls to discuss the latest industry trends, and slot machines ring in the casinos.

To read more, go here

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