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Monday, January 23, 2017

Needles KOA

Above, The Beast at Needles KOA. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The final campground I stayed at during my three-week trip to Metropolis, Illinois was the Needles KOA.

I left Monument Valley and headed to Grand Canyon National Park. I just planned for a drive-through after having breakfast in Cameron, Arizona.

While in Grand Canyon, I was debating whether to stay the night in nearby Williams or Kingman. I decided not to stay at either and pressed on the Needles, California, which is just across the Colorado River, which is also the border. This way, I would have fewer miles to drive the next day in getting home.

I got to the KOA in Needles in the late afternoon. There were signs along Interstate 40 for the campground and what exit to take. But, after doing so, it was a bit hard to find as it is situated about a mile and a half from the freeway with no tall signs to mark their location.

But when I got there, I found a nice, clean campground with a friendly and helpful staff (I even received an escort to my site) and a spacious site. After using some of my bonus points I accumulated, I only paid $34.00 for the night. I lucked out again as I didn't have use my leveling blocks as the site was very level.

Oleander bushes served as a border between sites and added a little privacy.

This is a nice campground that is perfect for an overnight stay.

To access their website, go here.

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